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Garden design using integrated aquaponics as its feature is a winner in the world arena of design.  Earthan Group garden design at the RFBI Basin View has been guaranteed to receive a high commendation in one of the world most prestigious design awards ceremonies in Brisbane later this year. [heading] Earthan groups winning garden design [/heading] It is not often you receive an email from The International Academy for Design and Health.  Well not many would in the first place, but to receive one that looks like this leaves you somewhat speechless: The judging process for the Design & Health International Academy Awards 2013 has now been completed and I am delighted to inform you that the Basin View Aquaponic Garden is one of three award winners in the category International Salutogenic Design. The project is guaranteed to receive a high commendation and is shortlisted to win the overall prize for the category which will be announced during the prestigious Gala Academy Award Dinner on the 13th July during the 9th Design & Health World Congress in Brisbane, which takes place from 10-14th July. My sincere gratitude to the University of Canberra and Associate Professor Alison Wicks for submitting the aquaponic garden into the awards.  I had known about the submission a few months ago and following discussions around the competition we were up against, left me thinking, “A small integrated garden up against world class architects and the design of entire health buildings and hospitals around the world, what chance have we really got?”. To give you some perspective on the level of this award which continues to cement my astonishment in the outcome, here are the winners of last years awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  One of those was the The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia!  You will find the list of winners from last year here….  It is gratifying, to say the least, to have the garden design and it’s outcomes acknowledged by Alison and Professor Anthony Capon, as worthy of entry in this world class event. I expect both Rob McCormack and I will be having a Cigar and a Scotch to celebrate the night after the awards when we are back out in the bush chasing crayfish for our next science paper.  So we go from black tie to Gators overnight and back to reality. The overall winner will be announced on the night of the Gala Dinner on the 13th of July so we will keep you posted. Humbly Paul…

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