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The Evolution of Aquaponic Systems

Over the years we have seen some excellent changes to aquaponic systems and the odd, not so good one.  With the evolution of man, we continually improved (well I like to think so..), but aquaponic systems have seen some regression in the gene pool.   We can see from the following diagrams and humorous names, the growth in system complexities as we all strive for the most productive aquaponics system. [heading] Aquaponic Systems Evolution [/heading] When we started using tools the “Handy Man” aquaponic system  was established and was a very simple and effective tool for growing some fish and lots of veggies at home.  The positives of this system is anyone can put it together with very little knowledge and very little cost.  There are still versions of this species getting about today. The “Upright Man” aquaponic system was only a slight variation to the gene pool but a key natural improvement evolved to address the fish tank level rising and falling with the flood and draining of the grow bed.  The pump was moved into a sump to correct that issue.  Many of this species can be found in backyards around the world.  They are still as effective at growing veg and fish at home. This particular species of aquaponic system is an anomaly in the evolutionary chain where we revert to before Homo Habilis  to Australopithecus “Southern Ape”.  This is a strange, almost opportunistic parasitical disease which has spread rapidly.  The regression here is we now pump solids and meabolic wastes back to the fish tank without any filtration (grow bed) reducing the system’s capacity to grow fish and yet makes no improvement to plant growth.  The “Southern Ape” aquaponic system may be difficult to eradicate, but time and further evolution should improve genetic diversity. In our evolutionary timeline we saw a far superior species grow.  The “Wise Man” aquaponic system developed out of the need to remove and control the solid fish wastes and make better use of it in the garden.  A very wise move.  The solids gene was introduced and this species has had exponential growth on many continents.  The solids gene comes in many forms but all serve the same function and improved the fish productivity of the system. Along came modern man with the inclusion of the bio filter gene.  The “Modern Man” aquaponic system has all the strong genes required for survival and growth.  It has improved production and safety of fish and greater plant growth, especially in cold climates.  The distribution range is slow growing for this species but it has all the superior attributes to see it stand the test of time.  While this is a great leap in the evolution of aquaponics, do you think we are finished or will we continue to see new species evolve? I hope you enjoyed this amusing look at the evolution of aquaponics. Regards Paul…

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