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Simple Backyard Aquaculture System

One of our members is looking to build a low energy aquaponic system (or LEAP as he has termed it) so we whipped up this simple backyard aquaculture system you can connect to your grow beds or raised garden beds and do some form or practical aquaponics. [heading] Backyard Aquaculture System [/heading] Inexpensive and very quick to build.  I could write more about it just to fill this space but really it is such a simple backyard aquaculture system, it requires no more than the attached 3D sketchup drawing. All you will need is: A 1000 liter IBC (try to find good clean ones) Two 200 liter blue plastic drums A 30 to 40 watt air pump Two air stones (one 20 lpm for the fish tank and one for the air lift) A few pipe fittings and short pipe (40 or 50mm diameter will do) Some bird or orchard netting for solid an biological filtration That is it really.  It will take you about a day to put it together.  You can use a submersible water pump in the sump if you like.  If you use a water pump you will want one that will pump at least 2000 liters per hour at 2 meter head.  If you plan to connect grow beds for aquaponics then one twice that big will do the job, depending on how big your garden grow beds are. I will write another article on starting a small backyard aquaculture system like this up later.  For now you will want to run the system without fish for a few weeks.  Then introduce 10 to 15 fingerlings in and start feeding them.  When starting keep an eye on the ammonia and nitrite and rectify as needed. Keep your pH between 6.5 and 7.0 before you add the fish and keep it there until it is cycled.  Put at least 1kg of pool last in to keep the fish protected from the nitrite during the cycle and you are good to go. When you do build it, we would love to see pictures if you find the time. Here are the free DIY backyard aquaculture system plans for you to download. I hope you enjoy and feedback is always welcome. Paul…

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