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Rods Barramundi Bragging Rights

Growing fish at home has to be one of the oldest and most rewarding past times of home gown farmers.  Growing one of the most royal fish at home Australian Barramundi has to top the list for flavor and one of our members has the art of growing this fantastic fish species at home down pat. [heading] Growing Barramundi at home [/heading]Rod Cheyne has been about the backyard for quite sometime and has put together an extensive recirculating aquaculture system which he has integrated into his grow beds.  Given his location way south of the Tropic of Capricorn means he will have some heating issues when growing Barramundi in his backyard.  Just the same he has managed some very successful harvests of some fantastic looking Barra which no doubt go well with his secret crumb batter using Salt and Vinegar chips… and this is not the first one! This is a “brag post” dedicated to his efforts and his results as a backyard farmer and it features images he sent through the emailinator. Good on you mate, I bet they tasted great! Regards Paul…

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