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My Backyard Fish Farm

Here is the little set up I whipped at home in a day with the kids.  A bit of a unique set up with more expansion to come.  The following post is a simple breakdown of this backyard fish farm which is destined to be running an integrated garden shortly.  It even comes with my signature plumbing… [heading] Simple Backyard Fish Farm [/heading] There are three 1000 litre flat bottom  fish tanks which are virgin plastic and bought locally for around $280 each.  I have seen secondhand IBCs selling for that much with dubious previous contents…  They are running with 200mm of free board, because we have some rather large fish on the way a good friend has been growing for us for quite some time now. And the signature plumbing.  I take pride in how the plumbing in any system looks, especially my personal backyard fish farm.  This system has been a long time coming and I have been putting it off due to time constraints (which is just an excuse) but school holidays and my kids enjoy working with me so we put it together in a day.  Lots of fiddling with the kids slows you up, but great to spend some time with them at home. One of the unique things about this little set up is it runs dual drain, meaning one outlet takes water from the top and the other from the bottom.  There is good reason for doing this which I will explain in a later post.   Also you will notice the odd piece of hose strapped to the side of the pipe… the air intake for the venturi.  There is no air pump on this fish farm. The filtration set up is very simple.  It has a solids filter to the right and a bio filter to the left using a moving bed kaldnes media.  The media is aerated and “simmered” with another venturi.  You will notice the really small pump there in the centre.  That little unit uses 85 watts of power and it is the only moving part in the whole system. We have the option of popping in a little 12 volt pump in there later should we get encouraged to run this thing off grid.  Just a case of swapping out the pumps, however it is a nice to have and one we may look at in the future.  The roof over the area catches and stores rain in a few IBC stashed out off to the side which auto tops up this set up. There is more being added to this system, like our 12 volt auto feeders, an integrated garden, the irrigation for our lawn and some other bells and whistles. Regards Paul…

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