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Membership Terms

Terms and Conditions of Membership

1. Application for Membership

  1. Any person wishing to become a member of Earthan Edge website (Owned and operated by Earthan Group Pty Ltd) shall make an application for membership in accordance with the Application Form as amended from time to time.
  2. The receipt of any application for membership, such application shall be considered by Earthan Group who shall determine admission or rejection. The Earthan Group shall not be required to give reasons for the rejection of any applicant.
  3. Upon acceptance of any application for membership, the member will be advised of their acceptance, and upon payment of the fee and acceptance of the terms and conditions of membership, shall be accepted into the Register of Members and entitled to all privileges of membership, including provision of their unique Membership access.
  4. Earthan Group retains complete discretion as to whether to accept any person for membership. Earthan Group is not obliged to disclose reasons to an unsuccessful applicant as to why their application for membership was not accepted.
  5. Any rejected membership application will be refunded in full.

2. Qualifications of membership

  1. Members will be individuals.
    (Educational and other business entities or groups shall seek membership through our contact form.)
  2. Members will be entitled to choose from 2 standard membership terms including:
    i. 1 Month membership entitled to all the benefits of the Standard Package for the term.  Monthly memberships are automatically renewed and your account will be billed until you cancel your membership
    ii. Life Time membership entitled to all the benefits of the Standard Package for the term.  Life Time is for as long as this site is operational and run in its current format.  Earthan Group Pty Ltd, reserve the right to change this at any time without notice.

3. Resignation of Membership

  1. A Member who has paid all amounts payable to Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) may resign from membership without notice.
  2. If any amounts remain outstanding for any membership fees, these shall be paid (or an agreement reached with the Earthan Group) for all accounts to be settled prior to resignation of the Member.
  3. The Member shall be removed from the Register of Members, their details removed from the Members Website, and their access to the Website ceased.

4. Cessation of Membership

  1. Membership in Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) is not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another person or organisation, and therefore a Member ceases to be a member in the event that they:
    i. Die (unfortunate, I know but it happens...)
    ii. Resign as a member under clause 3; or
    iii. Cease to be a member by resolution of the Board in accordance with clause 4(b).
  2. If any Member of Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) shall willfully refuse or neglect to comply with a provision of the Terms and Conditions of Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) or shall be guilty of conduct which in the opinion of the Executive is unbecoming of a member or prejudicial to the interests of Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) the Executive shall have the power to suspend or expel the member.
  3. In the event of a member being expelled, the member forfeits their access to the site and any fees on the balance of their membership.

Membership Fees

  1. The fees applicable to each Membership Package shall be set at the beginning of each membership term and shall be applicable for all Membership Packages subscribed to in the term;
  2. All memberships are prepaid. When ordering, you can either pay via Paypal, credit card, direct deposit or invoice. All orders are in Australian dollars. (GST is not applied) Invoices and receipts will be issued by:

Earthan Group Pty Ltd
ACN: 139 283 042
PO Box 127
Redbank, Queensland 4301

Membership Packages

The membership packages contain all of the benefits and privileges associated with the level of membership. While every effort is made by Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) to maintain all of the benefits, Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) reserves the right to alter the membership package offerings during the subscription period. While Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) will endeavour to replace any benefit with a benefit of equivalent value, members will not be entitled to any refund of any fee or portion of fees as a result of any change to the package.

Acceptance of Earthan Group Pty Ltd Policies

  1. Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) takes its privacy obligations seriously. Upon approval for membership, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the terms of the Privacy Policy.
  2. Members agree that use of the Website is governed by the Terms and Conditions of Use and you acknowledge that you have read and agree to those Terms.
  3. Consent to publishing information on Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) Members Only Website (“Comments”)
  4. You agree that in becoming a member, you will have access to Members’ Only areas of the Website which will have security encryption to protect against external unauthorised access. While all efforts will be made to ensure the ongoing protection, Earthan Group shall not be liable for any breach in security outside of its control.
  5. As a condition of membership, all members agree to have the following details published in the Members’ Directory which may be accessed by all other Members (dependent on Membership access level):
    i. Name
    ii. Professional title
    iii. Company name
    iv. Contact information
  6. Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) may wish to publish information from time to time featuring a new member, profiling a member, providing a testimonial, or publishing an article on or by a Member. Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) will not publish any information without the prior consent of the Member.

Interactions between members

  1. Members agree to act in a manner becoming of a professional member based entity at any event of Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) or in any interactions online.
  2. Members shall be given a unique Membership access for the period of their membership which shall entitle them to certain access on the Website.
  3. Members agree not to share or disclose the details of their Membership access with any other person, including another member. Breach of this condition will be considered grounds for termination of membership.
  4. Members agree that while networking is part of the core purposes for which this site has been established, members will not abuse or otherwise seek to take advantage of the access to other members for the purposes of sales or marketing or other promotional activities for their own ends.

Dispute resolution

  1. Each member of Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) agrees and acknowledges that they are responsible for their own interactions with other Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd) members.
  2. In the event of a dispute arising regarding the conduct of another member, each member accepts that they should attempt to resolve the dispute between themselves, and if necessary, with the assistance of Earthan Edge (Earthan Group Pty Ltd).
  3. Trolls will be removed from the site immediately without notice.

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