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Members Notice – Communication

Folks, when you have questions about an article, no matter how silly you think it is or how technical it is, please use the reply button at the bottom of the article you are talking about.  This will allow me to track our conversations and will allow other members the benefit of the answers so we all have clarity. If you post on facebook or even in an email, please dont be offended if I do not reply directly to your question.  Keeping the discussions here on the site, makes it easier for everyone and is a better use of my time.  Unfortunately, I can not be everywhere at the same time.  Often I am being asked questions on facebook messages, facebook, then  in email and I lose track of the questions and discussion and most of the time I dont answer because they get lost. Email questions are perfectly ok for discussions that are not related directly to an article on the site.  I will be re-introducing our online services for the more technical and specific help some people require.  This will be a flat rate hourly fee for email, skype and phone consultations for more complete help with your particular need. Regards Paul…

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