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Joining Earthan Edge Aquaponic and Aquaculture Articles

Joining Earthan Edge membership gives you full access to all of the previously published aquaponic and aquaculture articles, along with any we publish in the future.  You will have unrestricted access to our calculators and tools, aquaponic and aquaculture designs, hints and tips on managing water chemistry and engineering your own home or boutique aquaponic or aquaculture farm.  You will also enjoy discussing your project with like minded people on our members forum.

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A Note from the Author

Joining Earthan Edge aquaponics aquacultureHi there!

As the Managing Director of Earthan Group Pty Ltd, I have been designing and building aquaponic and aquaculture farms around the world for some 17 years and I want to share our knowledge and skills with you.

I created this site for you, the budding aquaponic and aquaculture enthusiast. A site filled with information for those wanting to take their passion further into the commercial arena.  Earthan Edge is also a great place to discuss your ideas and thoughts with like minded people in a comfortable environment.

It is ultimately important to me that you find the right and credible information from this site.  Your experience as a member with us is second to none as I am only as successful as my clients, you.  

This commitment is the very same ethos I use my clients in their commercial projects. With that in mind, I invite you to join with us and learn from our experience and gain insights that you will not find anywhere else.

I look forward to welcoming you to our fantastic group of members and discussing your aquaponic or aquaculture project at home or commercial

Paul Van der Werf
joining earthan edge aquaponic and aquaculture articles


Managing Director
Earthan Group Pty Ltd
(+61) 0439468201

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