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How to Recover Pipe Fittings

Last month I was lecturing about the basic design criteria for aquaponics and at the end a student said they had read you don’t have to glue your pipe fittings. I had never heard of this nor would I consider it. I am told this is apparently for when you change your mind about the layout of your backyard aquaculture or aquaponic system you don’t have to replace all the fittings. We know the PVC fittings are expensive in comparison to the pipe work but it is best you glue your fittings and use the following DIY to recover pipe fittings them should you change your mind. [heading] Recover Pipe Fittings with Heat [/heading] Gluing pipe fittings the wrong way happens to the best of us and the quickest and simplest way to recover pipe fittings to use a heat gun, pliers and maybe a screwdriver.   If you have a hair dryer or a wife/girlfriend that will not mind you using hers in the shed or out in the paddock, that will do the job just as well but will take a little longer to heat the pipe.  I have seen this done in a fire! In this case we had two fittings glued hard up to each other so we cut the fittings apart and start by heating the left over piece of pipe in the fitting to recover. Keep the heat on the pipe not on the fitting and rotate around to heat it evenly. Watch you do not burn the plastic and have a screwdriver and pliers handy. Keep heating the pipe inside the fitting and test with a screwdriver to make sure it is hot enough. Use the screwdriver to bend out the piece of pipe inside the fitting to give you room to grab the pipe with your pair of pliers. Grab the pipe with your pliers and twist until the piece of pipe comes out of the fitting like the image below. That is the gist of recovering your pipe fittings after gluing them. As you can see there is no reason not to glue your fittings. We have seen where people have not glued their fittings to save some money but lost their fish because the fittings came unstuck. Now you can glue them and get them back should you need to.[note style=”” bg=”” border=”” bordercolor=”{{bordercolor}}” color=””] Hot Tip: Prime the old fitting well before gluing again and use plenty of glue. [/note]Now you know how to recover pipe fittings that have been glued and perhaps you save some fun tickets and possibly prevent unglued pipes coming apart in a storm and pumping your fish tank dry… Regards Paul  …

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