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Jade Perch Harvesting Fish at Home

Happy Easter to Everyone We pulled 6 of the Jade per out of the system yesterday to cook up for a family get together.  We had our home grown Jade Perch (4.8kg) , Australian farmed Prawns (2kg), some Scallops, Dad’s famous potato salad and a mix of greens.  This fed 8 adults and three children, though the billy lids were more focused on the Easter Egg Hunt in the dark with torches!  All of the fish were in great health even though we have been shutting the system down to make some modifications. Harvesting Fish at Home I prefer to ice my fish down as opposed to cutting their heads off or giving them a sharp blow to the head.  Our two young kids were involved in the harvest so did not want to turn them into a veggie with blood and guts and flapping fish everywhere. We drain the tank down so we don’t have to chase them about the tank and stress the other fish, net out the ones we want and drop them straight into an ice slurry with about 1kg of salt.  It takes about 2 minutes for them to “go to sleep”.  Then we get down to the nitty gritty. All 6 of the fish were very much the same size.  Whole they weighed in at around 800 grams and all were between 300mm and 320mm.  Nice shoulders on them and very little fat.  Though two of them had a little but nothing major.  So a total of 4.8kg of whole fish to feed 11 people.  Though Dad and I were greedy and had two fillets each. I was going to drag the big smoker out and have a go.  We sell them and I have had my own sitting in the shed for a few years not used.  But scaling and filleting them took about 15 minutes so that was the lazy option with a few drinks.   What is interesting is the fillet recovery from the Jade Perch.  They were all about 50% fillet recovery so each 800 gram  fish produced about 400 grams of fillet.  The 4.8kg of fish ended up 2.4kg of fillet. I like to do a crispy skin, like I do with salmon.  Simply dry the fillets with paper towel, then a little olive oil over them with lots of salt and pepper rubbed into them.  A few cuts in the skin stops them from curling up when they hit the hot plat skin side down for 2 minutes and another 1 minute on the flesh side saw a perfectly juicy cooked fish. I hope you all had a good one Regards Paul…

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