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The Decline of the 14 IBC Aquaculture System

This story continues from here and this little project gets even more interesting and many of you that build your backyard fish systems, aquaponic, aquaculture or otherwise will relate to when you take your hobby just that little bit too far and your home starts to look like something out of that hoarders segment on current affairs.  This is where the home maker steps in with a big stick lol… [heading] When you move your tanks home [/heading] I love my wife dearly and I appreciate that she puts up with my obsession with aquaculture or anything that involves growing aquatic animals whether for food, research or the simple pleasure of taking care of an animal that does not bark or pee on the carpet in your office.  That type of commitment to a relationship has to be respected and you will find it in any family that is involved with aquaculture, especially this one. The story of the IBC aquaculture set up turns a little odd when I get a call from the guy with the shed demanding 50% of our business and at that time, with this research project I was more than happy to let him have half of nothing because it still equals nothing.  But he was adamant he wanted half of everything or he would change the lock on the gate and keep our equipment.  This was the week after we finished setting it up and stocking it! Not having a bar of that, I immediately called my good friend with a palfinger lift on his truck and proceeded to dismantle the system, crayfish and all.  Loaded the tanks up and dropped them at my home.  Then I took them out the back patio and reconfigured the plumbing with only 10 of the tanks and turned it on.  Within 4 hours the lads and I had relocated the entire set up unbeknown to our previous landlord. But… I now have 10 IBCs (14 did not fit) set up directly out the back door of our home and my wife Leah is yet to arrive home to find that getting to the clothes line is going to be a little difficult, let alone having a cuppa “out the back” can not be done.  So you can imagine how that turned out in the evening.  Leah gave an odd smile and simply said, “that can not stay there”.  No discussion, no argument, I moved them the next day. The story of the 14 IBC aquaculture system continues…. stay tuned….

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