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20 Ton Tilapia Farm – Part 4 – Mortality

In our previous stage Production Staging, we worked through the biosecurity, growing stages, and growth of our fish in our farm design.  Now we go into detail mortality losses, intentional and unintentional, and how they impact our 20 ton Tilapia …

20 Ton Tilapia Farm – Part 3 – Production Staging

Production planning for our 20 ton tilapia farm begins where we take our 0.5 gram fry into our quarantine and grow them out through the planned stages until harvest.  We estimate growth and time for each stage based on the …

20 Ton Tilapia Farm – Part 2 – Conditions

We now progress with out 20 ton Tilapia farm design and look a little closer at some of the conditions in the culture that will effect the growth of your fish.  Such as temperature, their condition, mortality/ culling rates and …

20 Ton Tilapia Farm – Part 1 – Production

Starting from the basics of designing a fish farm, lets take a look at how we arrive as some of the first steps to design criteria which will lead us into in-depth calculations for production.  First we have to start …

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