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Check Valves on Air Pumps

There are a few reasons why you would use check valves on air pumps.  Many of you may use them on inline water pumps where they are not set up for “flooded suction”.  This is where the water pump is set above the supply water line.  Check valves are used in that situation to maintain water in the line should you use power and keep the pump primed. [heading] Placing check valves in air pumps [/heading] Another place to use them is where your air pump for the fish tank is below the water line of the fish tank.  When you lose power, the water will syphon from the fish tank down into your air pump and that will be the end of it.  There are very simple and inexpensive check valves that will fit up to a 12mm air line as pictured above.  This can be placed at the air pump or up at the top of the fish tank or even under water just before your air stone. Either way they are a handy thing to have check valves on air pumps regardless of where your air pump is installed.  One thing to be cautious of, is the backpressure some of the smaller check valves can put on the air pump.  If you are not sure, just go for the full swing type check valves used in plumbing. A tricky way to use them, as pictured at the top of this post is to set them up on your main air pump and another on your backup air pump.  Then connect both air pumps to the same line into the fish tanks.  That way you only have the one set of air lines to run.  When a pump fails or you lose power and your 12 volt back up pump kicks in, without the check valves, one pummp will blow air back through the other failed air pump. On the other hand some air pump come with built in check valves so you dont need to mess about with it.  Ask the supplier if they have one so you are not doubling up. Regards Paul…

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