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Basin View Aquaponic Garden – Organic Garden Growth

What can I say?  I am a little stunned for words.  The Basin View Aquaponic garden has exceeded all of my expectations.  The growth has been incredible to say the least.  We visit the garden one year on for the official opening in 2012 and what we see is absolutely astounding! I had been receiving photos of huge carrots, spinach, radishes the size of cricket balls and have seen the rhubarb growing like they are on steroids.  Probably not a good description for an organic garden but really nothing else describes the plant growth they have been having so well. The village has been using all of the produce grown in the garden and it appears they can not keep up with the copious amounts of organic veg this wonderful aquaponic garden is producing. The ease which this garden has grown produce and flowers with very little in the way of bugs is hard to describe.  The water for the fish requires no management what so ever, the pH has stayed on 8 (perhaps a little high) but the plants are still thriving like no tomorrow.  Some of them have been there for a year in constant harvest… Aside for a little watering of new seedling transplants and seeds, there is not much to do but throw a little feed to the fish and yabbies if you feel like it and simply enjoy the garden. We were asked to build a sensory garden and I think we have met that brief.  Words can not describe the outcome for everyone involved. Imagine that majority of the produce has been grown in the soil in this aquaponic garden.  Surprise surprise, especially for those that think soil has no place in aquaponics.  The Earthan Beds are definitely the winner here. Seeing how photos don’t do it justice, we did a short video of the garden last week and I think that still does not do it! I hope you enjoy this video as much as we did.  Subscribe here to stay up to date or drop a thought in below Regards Paul…

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