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Aquaponic and Aquaculture Articles Archives

This is the full aquaponic and aquaculture articles archives.  The articles are displayed in newest to oldest format.  To change the order of the articles, use the filter buttons below.  Filtering will help you find what you are looking for.  Alternatively,  search the aquaponic and aquaculture articles archives with the search button at the top of the page.

High Fish Stocking Density

Having high fish stocking density means having high risk in aquaculture and aquaponics. Even commercial producers avoid high fish stocking density where the risk outweighs the return. Certainly home producers are best to avoid it at all costs as it simply is not worth it. Online, many talk...Read More

Hydroponics Xpress Aquaponics

I had a fantastic opportunity to visit Hydroponics Xpress Aquaponics a few weeks back while on another system install in Western Australia. Since their exciting adventure into aquaponics several years ago, they are also known as Aquaponics WA. What a fantastic display of their knowledge ar...Read More

Pull Up a Chair and Join the Discussion

After many hurtles, dodgy web guys, we found web developers we can work with.  So welcome to the new site, pull up a chair and join the discussion.  We have included a discussion forum specifically for members to discuss among themselves.  Adding a forum was at the request of several membe...Read More

Nitrogen Cycle with Fish

It is not uncommon when you finally have your system built and ready to go, you are keen to drop your new fish in and get going.  The Nitrogen Cycle is one of the most stressful times for yourself and your fish, but it does not have to be. We will show you how to avoid getting stuck with h...Read More

Balanced Aquaculture or Aquaponic System

What is a balanced aquaculture or aquaponic system and how many fish can you grow at home in a 1000 liter tank comes up often.  Most of the answers I have seen are based around commercial capacities, which are rarely achieved at home. First of all we need to understand, while these aquatic...Read More

School Aquaponics The Aquaculture

This post takes us back 5 years ago when we started building the school aquaponics system at Coombabah Primary School.  To set the scene, we had been asked to look at building “some type of garden” and shown a slab ready to put a shed on.   With in a week the shed was up and re...Read More

6 Tank Home Aquaculture Plans

Here is one of our 3D rendering of a 6 x 1000 liter tank home aquaculture plans.  We drew this up for a client one afternoon to give them an example of how simple a home recirculating aquaculture system can be. The tanks can be anything or any size backyard or very small scale RAS recircul...Read More

Commercial Aquaponics Plans – Pilot

A few years ago we were contracted to draw up a small commercial aquaponics plans to be used on a small farm to  one of our customers specifications.   This is a very low cost aquaponic system using some basic items like IBC and purpose built filtration and yes, we are giving them away to ...Read More

Drought Proof Aquaponics

Can growing food in the desert, or anywhere be drought proof?  How much water do we use and is it sustainable?  All great question, no doubt.  Can we claim aquaponics is drought proof or more recently, “Use less water than any other food production system on the planet”? We hav...Read More

Aquaponic Mineralization – The Process

The aquaponic mineralization process we used in the UAE build is a great topic to discuss.   When we first started that 3600 square meter raft we had only 100 fish running it.  No surprise 100 fish will not run nearly an acre of plant production unless they are 200kg each.  Our little 1 to...Read More

Biofilter Aeration – How much do you need?

Following up on our previous discussion about Aeration, Air Diffusers and Air Stones let’s take a closer look at biofiltration Aeration.  Moving bed biofilters require substantial air.  The air is providing mixing of the biomedia and oxygen for the bacteria for nitrification. Biofilt...Read More

Aeration, Air Diffusers or Air Stones

We have touched on water flow rates or tank exchange rates and how they affect the amount of oxygen available to your fish or what amount of feed you can apply to a tank full of fish per day assuming there is Aeration somewhere in the system. Aeration comes in many forms with majority of c...Read More

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