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Aquaponic and Aquaculture Articles Archives

This is the full aquaponic and aquaculture articles archives.  The articles are displayed in newest to oldest format.  To change the order of the articles, use the filter buttons below.  Filtering will help you find what you are looking for.  Alternatively,  search the aquaponic and aquaculture articles archives with the search button at the top of the page.

Buffering pH and Alkalinity in Aquaponic Systems

We get quite a few questions through the website from members and one that pops up often is “how much of what should I use to buffer the pH in my system?”. Generally most people will use hydrated lime and often only when their pH become problematic or something goes wrong.  Let...Read More

School Aquaponics Integrated Garden Construction Photos

Some time ago we posted info on one of the Primary School Aquaponics Integrated Gardens we built using our Earthan Beds and integrating fish to feed the soil in the beds and plants.  In this post you will find detailed explanation along with construction photos of this school aquaponics in...Read More

Biofiltration and Water Temperature

Water temperature plays a very important role in any aquatic system.  Temperature tells us many things about the activity in our aquaculture or integrated aquaculture set ups.  While the local climate tells us what fish we can grow and how it affects them, temperature changes can also alte...Read More

Fish Tank Water Testing

  We are well into week three of our nitrogen cycle with our 20kg of Jade Perch and now it is getting really colourful using the API Fresh Water Master colorimetric test kit.  As you can see from the reading above we have all three, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate at the My Fish Farm cam...Read More

My Backyard Fish Farm

Here is the little set up I whipped at home in a day with the kids.  A bit of a unique set up with more expansion to come.  The following post is a simple breakdown of this backyard fish farm which is destined to be running an integrated garden shortly.  It even comes with my signature plu...Read More

Air Lift Pump in Aquaponics and Aquaculture

An air lift pump is a great idea for backyard aquaculture and aquaponics, they even work well for decorative ponds with low fish stock levels.  Back in mid 2010 a client wanted to build a small backyard aquaculture system he could connect to a hydroponic subsystem (aquaponics) later.  We t...Read More

Weather and Mysterious Fish Deaths

I would like to expand on the earlier post about flow rates for oxygen requirement in aquaculture and aquaponic fish tanks.  In the article “Oxygen, Water Flow and Your Fish” I included reference to atmospheric pressure and showed how a drop in air pressure, such as a low press...Read More

Oxygen Water Flow and Fish

The water flow in aquaculture, aquaponics or any aquatic system which requires oxygen for metabolism and catabolism is one of the most important parts of system design, next to water temperature. Water temperature effects in aquaculture will be discussed in a later article. In this article...Read More

Water Flow At Basin View Integrated Garden

Releasing the water flows to the Basin View Integrated Garden,  I wanted to example you do not need to be entrenched in the current beliefs of how to set up an aquaponic integrated garden.  In the backyard the possibilities are huge and the more I look into it, possibly endless.  It is my ...Read More

Earthan Beds – Integrated Gardening At Its Best

There has been an overwhelming response to publishing some of the details on how the integrated gardens at Basin View were constructed.  Specifically we have received several hundred emails asking how the Earthan Bed are made and how they work from people around the world.  I was a little ...Read More

Earthan Group Aquaponic Gardens

Finally an update on the completed community aquaponic gardens at the Basin View Masonic Village on the South Coast of NSW.  The project has come from the concept plan to the finished gardens and I must say we have had a fantastic journey building it.  We met so many community groups, scho...Read More

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