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Aquaponic and Aquaculture Articles Archives

This is the full aquaponic and aquaculture articles archives.  The articles are displayed in newest to oldest format.  To change the order of the articles, use the filter buttons below.  Filtering will help you find what you are looking for.  Alternatively,  search the aquaponic and aquaculture articles archives with the search button at the top of the page.

Backup Oxygen Supply Design

Failure of equipment or energy supply will happen so backup oxygen is a must.  Planning for these events is paramount when designing your system.  One of the core functions of Aquaculture Engineers, is to mitigate against risks.  Backup Oxygen supply is the best protection a farm can have....Read More

Aquaponic Exchange Rates – Aquaculture

The principles behind aquaponic exchange rates, in dual loop systems are driven by the need to exchange water from the recirculating aquaculture system.  This water exchange is a water quality requirement for the safe and healthy production of the fish species cultured. There is confusion ...Read More

Fish Filters for Home

We spent a little time re-configuring our experimental fish farm here at home, took a few photos and whacked up a video of the fish filters for home and how we use only venturis to aerate this system.  It has no air pump or air stones on it.  However it does have a small 20 liter per minut...Read More

DIY Radial Flow Filter

Many people have asked me how we built our “Radial Flow Filter” (below). While that diy filter is very effective in the 4000 litre system it does require some plastic welding, which most people do not have access to.  They also asked for a bit more of an explanation of how the filter actua...Read More

Plumbing an Earthan Bed

Plumbing an Earthan Bed is relatively simple. You have an inlet which you can control the inflow with a valve and an outlet which you can control the depth of water with a stand pipe. No different to plumbing a constant flow gravel bed in aquaponics. The premise of an Earthan Bed is to inc...Read More

Stock Management in Aquaponics

We are at the beginning of the design phase of a commercial aquaponic system planned to be built this year. Designing an aquaponic system can look relatively simple, however during the design phase, you soon notice aquaponic stock management can add complexity. It is clear to me why so man...Read More

Alkalinity and CO2

Alkalinity in aquaponics aquaculture systems it a critical consideration to the designer and to the farm operations. Any aquatic system, that rely on bacteria for nitrification, need some form of acid neutralizing capacity to offset the acid produced by bacteria.  Alkalinity will maintain ...Read More

Really Simple Biofilter Calculator – in 3 Steps

With so many different types of biomedia out there for aquaponics and aquaculture, this really simple biofilter calculator will help you work out how much of the media you need. It will also tell you the size of the tank and how much aeration it will need to get the media moving in three s...Read More

12 Volt Backup Relay Switch

One of our members has kindly offered to show us how to make a 12 volt backup relay switch for the backyard aquaculture and aquaponics. Yet another fantastic way to protect your fish from power losses.  This 12 volt backup relay switch is easy to put together without the need for an electr...Read More

Earthan Beds – How they go together

In response to many people wanting to know how we make the Earthan Beds work, here is a break down with a bit more detail on how to get it right when connecting them to your aquaponic system at home.  The Earthan Bed is an incredibly effective growing combination for those with aquaponic t...Read More

DIY Demand Fish Feeder

Ever wanted to go away for a few days and not worry about the neighbor feeding your fish or your fish going hungry?  Here is the thing.   This is a simple DIY demand fish feeder from some easy to get items.  Before we get started I would like to make a few points about feeding and possibly...Read More

Start Your Home Aquaponic System

What is th best home aquaponic system for a beginner?   Through out our site there is plenty of talk about filters (biological and solids) and heaps of examples on how to DIY these for yourself. Adding filtration does add  complexity however, is not  is out of reach of the average home aqu...Read More

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