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Aquaculture Handy Rules of Thumb

I have a free webinar coming up “Aquaculture Design Simplified” and while putting that together, this handy rules of thumb for the design was the result.  There are at least 100 caveats applied to it but the results come very close to the simplified design scenario I will be talking about in the up and coming webinar.  However some clarification on its use is needed. This chart assumes you are feeding with auto feeders over a 24 hour period, which not many of us do.  So some simple adjustments need to be made to match the feed loading over the time you apply it.  Simply put you will need to multiply the results in the table (excluding the bio filter aeration) depending on how you feed your system. The preferred manual feeding should be over at least 12 hours (assuming we all sleep at some point) so you can simply multiply the table above values by 2.  Below you will find the correction table depending on how you feed your system. Keep an eye out for the webinar announcement soon.       Here is the conversion for the imperial guys…

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