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Aquaculture Design Introduction Part 1 of 4

This is the first part of a four part series of Aquaculture Design. It is an introduction to the very basics of the design process. In this part we cover the biomass, feed loading and the Total Ammonia Nitrogen calculations which will be used for later calculations in the other parts of the series. For those looking for a shortcut the basic design scenario in this part is the following: BIOMASS OR STANDING STOCK 1000kg production per year (365 days) Daily feed rate 1.2 as a percentage of the body weight per day Feed conversion ratio 1.5kg of feed to grow 1kg of fish Long formula for calculating the biomoss Production X FCR / Feed Rate / 365 The simplified formula for biomass is Production X 35% TOTAL AMMONIA NITROGEN Feed amount per day is Biomass X Feed Rate Nitrogen input is Feed amount X Protein percentage of the feed x 16% Amount of nitrogen not used by the fish is Nitrogen input x 64% Long formula for TAN is (Biomass X feed rate) X Protein X 16% X 64% The simplified formula for TAN is Amount of Feed x Protein X 10%…

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