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3 Steps to Avoid Fish Disaster these Holidays

With the Christmas holiday upon us, I hope that many of you get the chance to get away with the friends and family.  Often this means leaving the pets or more to the point the fish by themselves.  While fish will do very well by themselves with a little feed here are a few ideas to reduce your worry while you are enjoying the festive season and avoid fish disaster. Check your backup systems If you are here in Australia, the hot season generally comes with severe storms (one is starting here now).  Our northern readers will be getting right into those cold snaps and possibly whiteout.  During these crazy times, mother nature will often knock the power out of our lives and thereby switching off our backyard fish farms.  While I am sure many of you have backup systems, now is the time to check they work as they should.  While you are at home, unplug the power source and check your back up power is working and for how long. The good friend or neighbour While you are away, your fish will still need to be fed, just like your other pets (cats, dogs and birds).  While some may offer advice fish can go without food for several weeks avoid that idea not just because it is cruel and stupid advice but because just like any animal in your care, your fish will need food at least every second or third day.  A weekend away is not problem but longer it will be handy to have someone come in and feed the pre weighed portions of fish food to your fish.  Be sure to leave clear instructions. The good friend or neighbour plays another role by collecting the mail, putting the rubbish out and confusing the thieves…  A hot tip though, do a stock count before you leave and after you return.  Avoid leaving handy fish nets around the tanks… lol you may be a few short. Check all your water sources It is not uncommon to go away for a weeks holiday and return to find your top  up water sources or sumps have run out of water.  This will usually spell disaster for the fish, especially if you have burned out the pump.  Check you have adequate top up water on hand or the system has enough water to see it through for the time you are away. Have fun and relax I know the time I spend away from my little fish farm at home, I worry about the fish regardless of how well protected they are.  If you check everything, fill the auto feeders, bulk up the alkalinity all will be good when you get home. Enjoy your time away. Paul…

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