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14 IBC Aquaculture System – Now Six Left

Our Aquaculture with IBCs is still going but has changed shape again.  You will remember the short-lived rear patio situation.  Well now the car has been kicked out of the garage and cleared for the IBC aquaculture system but now we can only fit 6 of them in there and still be able to walk about.  And so it continues… I chose to keep the plumbing layout pretty much the same but the UV set up causes all sort of issues when the inlet and outlet are on opposite sides of the tube.   We left the Nexus in place around the corner, moved 6 of the ibc around and had to level them because the slab in the garage has a large slope on it.  Then pumped the water from around the other side of the house out to these tanks. Now with only six ibc for the aquaculture system our 28,000 liter pump is starting to look a little big, but I have a plan for that later on.  Yes there is a later on… Being it is a carport of sorts we wrapped the ibc with some inexpensive weed mat to cut out the light that tends to cause some issues  in IBC and algae. Not that the crayfish will mind but they will not be the only ones in there… So the system is moved and reduced.  We gave away the other 8 IBC to other interested in building their own set up.  Now we start some feeding trial groups with freshwater crayfish in cells and comparison groups of free range feeders, commercially fed  free range and green water tanks. This is where the IBC system stops.  We gave away the tanks and changed to another type of tank for more experimenting…. Until next time Enjoy! Paul…

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